New Child Rescue Kits Developed for the Emergency Services

Child Rescue Kits

child-rescue-kit-sesEmergency services departments respond to a wide variety of rescue call-outs every day. The most common of which involve children.

Time is often of the essence during call-outs and its important that first responders have the right tools at their disposal when they need them. Through many years of experience, each response unit was kitted-out with essential tools and equipment for rescue operations. Often however, items would go missing or would misplaced as it was difficult to keep check and organise each tool kit. GT Cases was approached to solve this problem.

By utilising a multi-layered foam insert in an Explorer 4820 case, each tool was given its own location in the case, held in place with a custom shaped cut-out. 

This not only resulted in better care and greater lifespan of each tool, it meant that each tool had a 'home' and was easily identified when missing.

First responders deal with life and death situations every day and it is critical they have the right tools for the job at their immediate disposal.

The Child Safety Kits developed by GT Cases has ensured our emergency services clients care, store, transport and monitor the tools they need easily and within arms reach.

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