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Emergency Response Kits

By on 13 July 2017 click here to comment

GT Cases produces a range of custom kits and cases to suit the needs of their clients. This Emergency Response Kit was produced for several emergency response centres in Australia and comprises everything needed in one 'kit' to help early responders in emergency and critical situations. In addition to the case and custom foam inserts, all tools and products required as part of the kit were sourced and supplied and a complete solution. Contact GT Cases for a no obligation discussion about your requirements. ... continue reading

How does the Pelican Pressure Equalization Valve work?

By on 4 November 2014 click here to comment

The Pelican Case Pressure Equalization Valve is a simple device. It consists of a housing with a hole through it that is covered with a thin Gore-Tex® membrane. According to the Gore™ tech sheet: “The microporous expanded polytetraflouroethylene (ePTFE) membrane continuously allows the free passage of gases and vapors, equalizing the pressure differential between the enclosure and ambient before it builds to the point that a seal is compromised. Water, dust and dirt are repelled by the hydrophobic membrane, thereby protecting expensive and sensitive electronics.” Trust only Genuine Pelican cases to house your valued equipment.... continue reading

GT Cases Releases a Brand New Website

By on 4 October 2012 click here to comment

GT Cases are pleased to annouce the release of our new STATE OF THE ART Website.... continue reading